7 Winter Whiskey Recipes for the Holidays

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October 25, 2017

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Holiday Whiskey Drink

There’s nothing like sitting inside by the fire (or heater) on a cold winter night and sipping a delicious and heartwarming adult beverage. Here are some of my personal and family favorites for you to enjoy this winter, best enjoyed with Easy Rider Whiskey.

1. Classic Eggnog

I know what you’re thinking – too easy. Of course this man starts his “holiday whiskey drinks” blog with eggnog. Well, this isn’t some “buy it at the store and just add whiskey” eggnog. This is proper eggnog. This is eggnog you make yourself and then add whiskey. Easy Rider Whiskey.

2. Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned

Here’s a little something requires a lot less preparation than that eggnog I just told you about. A bit of maple syrup, a bit of bitters, little water, little orange peel, and, of course, a little Easy Rider Bourbon Whiskey. Top it with a cherry and/or a cinnamon stick if you’re fancy, and enjoy it on any chill winter evening to wind down your day.

3.The Apple Cider Irish Mule

Whiskey, apple cider, and ginger beer – a delicious fall-themed twist on a classic Saint Paddy’s favorite. Moscow’s got nothin’ on Dublin.

4. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bourbon Cocktail

This may or may not go really well with cinnamon rolls. I don’t want to encourage drinking in the morning, but that’s when people have cinnamon rolls. So, y’know … if it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas (that’s when my family has cinnamon rolls, at least) and you’re with your loved ones, enjoy!

Responsibly, of course.

5. Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon & Whiskey

Because Home Alone is a holiday classic and I personally like this drink more when I can enjoy it on a solitary winter morning, I like to call this drink the Home Alone. So whether you’re actually home by yourself or you’re just awake before the rest of your family come holiday time, warm yourself up with this hearty (albeit a little unorthodox) mixture.

And Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

6. Spiked Maple Apple Cider

This is my brother’s personal favorite adult holiday beverage, so I felt obliged to include it here. It’s a little light on the booze, and you make it in a teapot. How fancy is that?

7. Eddie’s Eggnog

Randy Quaid might have gone a little (read: a lot) by the wayside, but his role of Cousin Eddie in the Christmas classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will always remain in our hearts, just like all the real-world cousins we love because they’re family but don’t necessarily want to actually be associated with.

And to bring things full circle, I’m ending tonight with another eggnog recipe, in honor of Cousin Eddie and my family’s tradition of watching Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve. This is perfect for those warm nights by a fire (or standing over your heater vent, if you’re like me and don’t have a fire). And y’know what? You can go a little heavy-handed with this one. Give yourself an extra kick.

Y’know … before you go out and kidnap your cousin’s boss because he cut out Christmas bonuses …